About Us

Theft is a problem that affects all of us.

Even if you have been lucky enough not to have had any of your own property stolen, you will still be paying more for your house, vehicle or general insurance because of the activities of a minority of professional criminals.


Datatag was established by one of the world’s biggest companies in the early 1990s to redress the balance in favour of the law-abiding citizen, and during the last decade statistics show that Datatag is playing a major role in protecting all kinds of property.

The heart of the Datatag system is an electronic transponder that is designed to be hidden on the property that is to be protected. These tiny transponders possess a unique identification code that can be ‘read’ by a hand-held scanner used by the UK’s Police forces. This means that the lawful owner of any Datatagged property can ALWAYS be identified by the Police, even if all other identification numbers have been removed.

Criminals know that if they are caught with identifiable property then a conviction is sure to follow. Datatag has a fantastic success rate, and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has never lost a court case in which Datatag has been used in evidence for the prosecution – a fact that criminals are well aware of!

Each Datatag system is supplied with tamper-resistant warning decals that let the criminal know that your property is protected by the Uk’s leading electronic anti-theft deterrent, and this is usually enough to convince them to go looking for an easier target.

As well as featuring electronic transponders, the Datatag systems also include additional components such as Datadot microdots and etching stencils. These allow you to mark virtually every major component on your property, and make it ‘too hot to handle’ for the professional criminal!


Formed in the early 1990’s as a subsidiary of Mitsui of Japan, one of the world’s largest trading companies with a turnover in excess of $150 billion, Datatag was originally designed to combat motorcycle theft.

Datatag is now a privately owned independent company which has already proven to be a major success in preventing motorcycle theft, and in recent years the company has developed a range of Datatag systems for other markets, including scooters, ATVs, Personal Watercraft, Bicycles, Construction Equipment, IT, Office Equipment and other valuables.

Datatag’s powerful IBM ‘i’ series computer can be accessed by the Police and other selected official bodies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, giving them immediate access to the information they need in the fight against crime.

Full training is given to the UK’s Police Forces, and Datatag have supplied the UK’s law enforcement bodies with thousands of specialist scanners that are used to identify suspect property in a fraction of the time taken by more conventional methods.