Leading security marking and registration specialist DATATAG ID is a long-term supporter and partner with the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI).

IAATI was formed in 1952 in order to improve communication and coordination, among the growing family of professional auto theft investigators. It has become recognized as the leading industry body with members in over 71 countries.

Datatag ID Limited provides the technology for many leading industry wide security marking and registrations schemes which make IAATI’s work that much easier. The official CESAR scheme leads the world as a security marking and registration scheme for construction and agricultural equipment. Launched in 2007 CESAR now protects over 250,000 items of equipment and has contributed to reducing plant theft, in the UK, by over 70%. The award-winning scheme gives each piece of equipment a unique and permanent identity which thieves cannot remove. CESAR, which uses state of the art identity technology, including RFID Tags, forensic DNA, Datadots and tamper evident warning labels, is fitted by many leading equipment manufacturers including John Deere, Doosan, Massey Ferguson, McCormack, JCB and Manitou.

Datatag ID, the country’s foremost supplier of security marking technology, is also the delivery partner for the MASTER Security Scheme for motorcycles. Over 26,000 motorcycles are stolen each year in the UK and the majority of them are less than 3 years old. Stolen bikes are often stripped and rebuilt around genuine frames and as such recovery rates are low, with the police unable to prove ownership beyond doubt. For the first time the industry has united behind one official security and registration scheme to combat this problem. The Scheme is the MASTER Security Scheme (Motorcycle and Scooter Tagged Equipment Register). This is the first and only official national scheme supported by the police authorities.

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