Both the farm and construction industries have been “largely neglected” by security companies in Ireland for years, according to the managing director of O’Sullivan Roche (O.S.R.), Ger O’Sullivan.

Image source: Shane Casey

Founded in response to the “massive increase” of agricultural equipment theft, O.S.R. added the Construction / Agricultural Equipment, Security And Registration (CESAR) Scheme to its list of security products in recent weeks.

Over the last four years, the Irish company has established both ‘BikeTrac’ and ‘ATVTrac’ as “market leaders in asset tracking in Ireland”.

With the use of Datatag technology, it is hoped that the CESAR Scheme will give farmers the opportunity to “add another layer of protection to their assets”.

Continuing, O’Sullivan said: “Everyone at O.S.R. is delighted to be offering such a comprehensive and proven marking system in the CESAR Scheme to our loyal customers in Ireland.

We feel that security companies have largely neglected the farm and construction industries here for years. This has put a massive burden on farmers and contractors alike, due to increased theft.

“We feel that the CESAR Scheme, which uses proven Datatag identification technologies, is the most cost efficient and the most effective theft deterrent available on the market. Positive results from the scheme in the UK bear this out,” he said.

The importance of marking and registering machines, so that they can be easily identified once recovered, has never been more important, O.S.R. stated.


Modern technology

The CESAR Scheme is also fully supported in Ireland by the Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers’ Association (ICSA).

Commenting on the scheme, the chairman of the ICSA’s Rural Crime Development Committee, Seamus Sherlock, said: “The ICSA is pleased to be working with the CESAR Scheme in Ireland and see it as an important tool in the ongoing fight against rural crime.

Rural communities need to utilise the most modern technology to protect their property and I think the CESAR Scheme offers the ideal cost-effective solution.

O.S.R. is now the official supplier and fitter of the CESAR Scheme here in Ireland. Anyone looking to find out more can contact Ger O’Sullivan by email or by phoning: 086-8956614.