The Construction Equipment Association’s official CESAR Scheme, powered by Datatag technologies, has proven itself once again – recently helping in the recovery of a stolen Thwaites dumper and JCB roller.

The recoveries were made after a prospective buyer in the Cheshire area became suspicious of the cheap price tag. Contacting the Datatag 24/7 call centre, after noting the machines being sold were both bearing CESAR identification, revealed that the machines were both recorded as being stolen from the West Midlands area six weeks earlier.


The contact centre having been alerted to the machines approximate whereabouts contacted Datatag’s Police Liaison Team who the very next day assisted in a three hour search with Cheshire Police resulting in both machines being located. Also discovered at the same location was a washing plant mounted on an Ifor Williams trailer belonging to a company in Gloucester.

The rightful owners of the stolen equipment, easily traced thanks to the CESAR identifications, had the machines returned and all were grateful that they no longer had to process potentially costly insurance claims.

Mr Turner of MJ Evans Plant, said ‘We were pretty sure our plant was gone for good and we’d have to make a claim on the insurance. Obviously we’re very relieved that it’s all been returned – the CESAR Scheme and it’s Datatag technologies have definitely proved their worth!’

The official CESAR scheme’s success in identifying assets comes from the multi-layered technologies supplied by security specialists Datatag. These include the now iconic and uniquely numbered tamper evident triangular ID plates, hidden RFID transponders, microscopic Datadots and a unique forensic DNA solution. Once fitted these technologies are almost impossible to remove successfully and when recorded on Datatag’s secure database, are accessible to the police 24/7 enabling them to identify any machine at any location night or day. The fact that these identification technologies are so difficult to remove has meant a significant reduction in plant theft since CESAR was launched back in 2007 as criminals recognise the increased risk of taking a CESAR marked machine.

Customers buying brands fitting CESAR to their machines as standard also, in many cases, benefit from insurance premium discounts of up to 20% off from major insurers.