NFU MUTUAL RURAL CRIME REPORT 2020 – The rising cost of rural crime

The cost of rural crime in 2019 £54.3m

NFU Mutual’s theft claim figures reveal that rural crime cost the UK £54.3m in 2019. This is an increase of nearly 9% on the previous year, making it the highest cost recorded in eight years. For the second year running, the sharp rise was driven by thefts of high-value tractors, quad bikes and other farm vehicles.

Livestock theft also increased in 2019, with organised gangs taking large numbers of sheep, which are thought to be entering the food chain illegally.

Cost to the UK 2019 vs 2018

Agricultural Vehicle Theft

Cost to the UK 2019 – £9.3m

Cost to the UK 2018 – £7.4m
Thieves are increasingly cloning the identity of tractors to make detection more difficult.

Quad / ATV Theft

Cost to the UK 2019 – £3.1m

Cost to the UK 2018 – £2.6m
Quads and ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) have no registration plates and are easy to transport, making them an easy target.

Livestock Theft

Cost to the UK 2019 – £3.0m

Cost to the UK 2018 – £2.8m
Stock stolen for slaughter is being processed outside of regulated abattoirs before illegally entering the food chain.

Land Rover Defender Theft

Cost to the UK 2019 – £2.1m

Cost to the UK 2018 – £1.6m
The iconic Land Rover Defender remains highly desirable to thieves stealing whole vehicles or parts for the black market.

Fighting Back

We offer discounts on agricultural vehicle policies when farm vehicles and machinery are fitted with Thatcham-approved tracking systems and immobilisers and CESAR marking.

View the NFU Rural Crime Report 2020

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