UNIQUE – SECURED – PROTECTED – With Datatag’s new bicycle marking systems – designed for everyone.

No matter what bicycle you ride, Datatag have a system for you! Our new Electric-Bicycle and Ultimate Bicycle systems provide a security marking solution for every bike, enabling you to protect not only your frame, but all the valuable components that make your bike special.

So what’s new? Well, our technology remains the same; proven over 15 years to be a powerful theft deterrent by making bikes unique and identifiable. After all, why change a good thing? But what we have done is given you more of it to enable you to add that uniqueness to more parts of your bike.

And by rebranding our systems we have we have streamlined range of products so you can rest assured that you’ve bought the correct system for your bicycle and can get busy creating that unique identity for all of your bicycles.

Throughout this redesign we have maintained our focus on what has made Datatag so powerful over the years; providing you with permanent passive protection – for a one-off fee your bike is permanently protected. Always present, always on, always protecting your bike. No running costs, no updates, no maintenance. Datatag is for the life of your bike.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the full Datatag Bicycle protection range:

  • Standard – with less technology this system still protects your bicycle but misses out on some of the key components to make your bicycle even more unique.
  • Ultimate – when your bicycles are part of the family, they need ultimate protection. This system has combined all of our technology into one kit – allowing you to fit the components that best suit your bicycle composition.
  • Electric – does what it says on the tin, protects any electric bicycle with technology specifically to protect your battery. The only system of its kind on the market.

These systems are available to buy through our webshop with free delivery as standard. Or you will find our systems both online and in store across the UK at major bicycle retailers. If you find a shop without Datatag make sure to ask them for it so they can get it in stock.

Datatag New Cycle Systems