Scott Beaumont 2021: Race Report – Schwalbe British 4X Series Round 3 & 4 – Falmouth, Cornwall

Rounds 3 and 4 of the 2021 Schwalbe British 4X Series took place in Falmouth, Cornwall last weekend. After, lets say a very challenging round 2 where Scott was knocked unconscious in a qualifying race, Scott was back to full fitness and ready to make amends.

Arriving on Friday Scott began his weekend with a practice session on the track. Over the years this track has been very good to Scott and straight away he looked comfortable on the track. A good evening of food and it was time for bed in the brand new Dethleffs team truck.

Saturday: Round 3

The weather was perfect and Scott was clearly in the mood. A good practice session and some gates that looked perfect and he was ready to race.

In his first two qualifying races, he took the holeshot in each one and simply checked out. He was looking good and focused. In his third qualifying race, he made a small mistake on the first straight and came home second. Not ideal for the rest of the day and gate pick for the semi final. In the semi final he chose gate 2. Again made a great start and sealed his final place with a big win.

Scott leading out a practice session

Onto the final. Again that second in his heat meant he had second pick. Choosing gate 2 it was going to be a drag race to turn one.

The beeps went and Scott fired out of the gate. Bar banging on the first straight he took the lead  through turn 1. He went tight in turn 2 to hold the inside line. He powered out of turn 2 and nailed the log section before launching the pro line doubles. He was pulling away with every pedal stroke. Across the finish line Scott had built a good lead and took the win. It was a convincing win.

“That felt really good. A very good lap. I’m happy with that.” Said Scott after the podium.

Scott leading the final

Scott on top of the podium

Sunday: Round 4

Sunday and we woke up to heavy rain. The track was now like glass and extremely slippery in places. Scott chose the Schwalbe spike tyre and it was perfect. Like he was on rails. The track had a few changes for Sundays race which would really spice up the racing as well.

The same format for Sunday with 3 qualifying races to start the day. Scott won his first 2 races comfortably. In his third race he was bar banging through the first turn. It was some classic 4X action and it was good to see Scott feeling good on the bike again and racing hard. Scott held strong and took the win.

In the semi final, Scott chose gate 1. He made a perfect start and secured his place in the final.

Into the final and Scott again chose gate 1. Making another perfect start Scott led the race from start to finish and took another convincing win.

Out of 10 races through the weekend, Scott won 9 of them. He looked strong and faster than ever.

“I felt great on the bike all weekend and it feels even better to have taken the wins on both days. After a tough race at Round 2 it’s great to bounce back with these wins. Now we can focus on National Championships.”

Thank you again to all our sponsors for your support in 2021. It’s shaping up nicely so far…..

All images by Charles Robertson