For 2022, Leigh Timmis set his sights on breaking the world record for the Greatest Distance Cycled in Seven Days.

This prestigious record was established in 1939 by legendary long-distance cyclist Tommy Godwin. The current record stands at 3507.82 kilometres (2179.66 miles). We’ll be giving you daily updates to follow Leigh and his progress on his record attempt.

  • Day One:
    345 Miles (555.14km) cycled.
    1867 Miles (3004km) to beat.
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  • Day Two:
    336 Miles (540.25km) cycled.
    681 Miles (1095.39km) total cycled.
    1531 Miles (2464km) to beat.
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  • Day Three:
    309 Miles (497.51km) cycled.
    990 Miles (1592.9km) total cycled.
    1222 Miles (1966km) to beat.
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  • Day Four:
    291 Miles (467.86km) cycled.
    1280 Miles (2060.76km) total cycled.
    931 Miles (1498km) to beat.
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  • Day Five:
    296 Miles (476.7km) cycled.
    1577 Miles (2537.46km) total cycled.
    635 Miles (1022km) to beat.
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  • Day Six:
    313 Miles (502.96km) cycled.
    1889 Miles (3040.42km) total cycled.
    322 Miles (519km) to beat.
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  • Day Seven:
    341 Miles (549.044km) cycled..
    2250 Miles (3589.464km) total cycled.
    Record Broken by 19 miles.

For his record attempt, Leigh has been supporting MQ Mental Health Research who aim to help change the world for million affected by mental illness. Leigh has been promoting his 7 days for smiles, and so throughout his record attempt we’re giving you 10% off any cycle system! All you have to use is the code ‘LT22’ at www.datatag.shop

PLUS, we’ll be donating and addition 10% off each purchase back to MQ! So get on your saddle and start peddling, no matter the chosen terrain.