Datatag is happy to announce its recent partnership with Tentbox, providing forensic marking security systems for each Tentbox, which is available here >

Dave Luscombe of Datatag said “Datatag are delighted with the new partner with Tentbox as we believe the power of Datatag and its theft deterrent properties will help Tentbox owners continue to enjoy their adventures”.

With Oliver Shurville of Tenbox saying “We are excited to partner with Datatag to add a fantastic layer of security to our TentBox products. This will give our customers peace of mind, but also make potential thieves think twice when they see our brand and the Datatag logo.”

This fantastic addition to any Tentbox is available here: for £59.99 and provides your TentBox with a unique identity registered on a secure database that’s accessible to police forces globally.

It is:

  • Simple to install with easy instructions
  • Highly-visible, tamper-resistant deterrent
  • UV etching technology creates hidden markings
  • 100s of Datadots® viewable by magnifying glass
  • Impossible for thieves to remove all markings
  • 24 / 7 support

REMEMBER: Products tagged with Datatag are 4 times less likely to be stolen and 6 times more likely to be recovered.

Left: Oliver of Tenbox. Right: Vince of Datatag