Batribike, the UK based electric bike brand, has been fitting the Datatag Cycle PRO System to all of its electric bikes since early 2014 after listening to the concerns of its customers. And when you consider that an electric bike is often a lifeline to customers it’s easy to see why they might be concerned about its theft.

Batribike decided to offer all its’ customers a little more peace of mind and having discussed the options with industry leaders Datatag opted for the top of the range PRO system. Not only does it provide a tamper evident warning label through which the police can instantly verify ownership but it also provides a number of ‘invisible’ UV etches to protect frame and forks plus – importantly – microscopic Datadots to mark valuable components such as batteries.

The partnership has proven itself to be working very well with recent figures showing that less than 0.002% of Batribike electric bikes that have been registered being reported as stolen.

Sue Coulson from Batribike said “We do believe that the Datatag Cycle PRO System acts as a very real theft deterrent, something that is borne out by insurance companies, who give a discount for bikes fitted with this system. Our insurance partner Lexham even give one months free insurance!”

Dave Luscombe of Datatag commented “These figures are a real world indication of just how effective the Datatag technologies are in deterring theft. In the same was as we have seen in many other markets in which we work such as construction and motorcycle, our technologies really do deter theft.”