Datatag ID Limited, the power behind many leading security schemes including the official CESAR scheme and the newly launched MicroCESAR Scheme, is this week sponsoring the first ever UK INTERPOL Formatrain programme which is taking place in the East Midlands area. The operational workshop is focusing on identification and investigation of plant and construction machinery.

INTERPOL enables police in 190 member countries to work together to fight international crime. They provide a range of policing expertise and capabilities, supporting three main crime programmes: Counter-terrorism, Cybercrime, and Organized and emerging crime. The latter encompasses vehicle and equipment theft as organised crime gangs are behind most thefts.

An important part of INTERPOL’s role is to help educate serving police officers, making them aware of new trends in crime and new technology to combat crime. INTERPOL and Datatag ID Limited, the supplier of security marking technology for world wide schemes, selected 30 Police officers from Europe and the UK and invited to attend this important 4-day training event.

As part of the four days activities there will be two factory visits, one to Jaguar Landrover (JLR) in Birmingham and the other to JCB in Staffordshire.


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