If the value of fitting a Datatag Cycle PRO System wasn’t obvious before it surely is now as Datatag’s unique investigation service even finds bikes not datatagged!

Vince Wise, Datatag Police Liaison Manager, was contacted recently after the Datatag 24/7 contact centre was alerted to a check on a Brompton cycle which had been recorded as being stolen. Vince, an ex-Policeman with 30 years experience in the identification and recovery of stolen vehicles and plant equipment, contacted the customer to find he had bought a number of Brompton bikes including this stolen one from a reseller in London.

Further investigation by Vince, on receipt of the frame numbers for all the bikes, and working with Brompton identified more as being stolen. And even though none of these had been fitted with a Datatag Cycle Security System Vince set about finding the true owners.

The buyer in Italy returned the bikes to Datatag in the UK and Vince, having found the owners through various sources including the original selling dealers arranged to have them returned.

Mark, whose bike was identified through Datatag technology said, ‘I knew it was a good move to fit a Datatag system to my bike, but I’ve been most impressed with the backup! The fact that Datatag have a team to help recover bikes is a real bonus.

Datatag is the only security marking company to offer this service and Vince said ‘It’s important for us to be seen to be doing something when we hear of a reported theft. There’s little point reporting your bike is stolen if nothing is going to be done about it when it does surface. That’s the real bonus of Datatag.’

Another happy customer on receiving the news that her bike had been found said, ‘I can’t believe it! I never thought I’d see it again and to have found it in Italy is amazing!

Datatag are currently working with the Metropolitan Police to identify the offender.

More information on the Datatag Bicycle Security System and how it can help you deter theft and aid the Police in recovery:

Buy Datatag Bicycle Security System


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